Someone flying from London to New York and back generates roughly the same level of emissions as the average person in the EU does by heating their home for a whole year.
"Market-based instruments can play a vital role in helping meet ambitious GHG emission reduction objectives by incentivizing the deployment of private capital"
Europe has sought to lead with ambitious climate policy, but economic crisis has thrown the emphasis on short-term costs rather than the longer-term benefits of a shift to a lower carbon economy.

Saga Commodities - your expert in carbon trading

SAGA COMMODITIES JSCo. is a leading brokerage company on the European carbon market trading with European allowances and Kyoto credits. Starting from last year, we have widened our activity to other energy commodities such as coal and biomass.

Our company offers intermediation services for operations on the London exchange ICE/ ECX as well as trading OTC. During the years of acquired experience since 2008 we created a large network of industrials and counterparts. Saga has become one of the main partners of the industrials from Central and Eastern Europe, holding installations under the EU ETS that have interest in transactions with carbon permits, power and biomass.



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